I know some of you have no way of getting your hands on a particular release. So, here's a list of everything that we have ever released and how much it costs to get a hard copy from me to you. Anything listed as free can be found here.
I do ask that if you have one of our artists near you that you ask them for a copy of something before buying it from the site, you keep us all going that way. Thanks! :)
As of right now, mail me a letter explaining what you want and where to send the stuff with well concealed cash, I may set up an online system but currently I don't have one set up.

All releases can be ordered on cassette if you ask.
Here is a list by Artist name of what is available from JPA:

Avignon(John Hoffman) This is Acceptance $2
Comrades Collective What It Is! Free to download or $1-$5(Sliding Scale)
ContraMundi Full Album Release(Unmastered) Free to download or $1 for a hardcopy
Johnny SiZZle Joker's Delight $1-$5(Sliding Scale)
Modern Peace Troubadour Demo Free to download or $1 for hardcopy
No Going Back Ducktape EP $2
Sheep And Other Anomalies Bitches of Sheep + Don’t Wear Socks Free or $1 for a hardcopy
Seriously Folks Free or $1-$5(sliding scale)
Favorite Folk & Union Songs Free or $1-$5(sliding scale)
Split! w/ TRAGWAG Free or $1-$5(sliding scale)
Not Bad For An Old Dead Guy With A Beard Free or $1-$5(sliding scale)
Sloppy Folk Experience SA Folk-Punk Free or $1-$5(sliding scale)
Something Extra Free or $1-$5(sliding scale)
Sloppy Sheep Split Free or $1-$5(sliding scale)
Switchblade Cheetah The Bone Gospel(Casette Only Release) $1
Texas Battle! Alive and Well in Hell(Demo) Free or $1 for a hardcopy
Operation: Impending Doom III $1-$5(sliding scale)
Unite! $1-$5(sliding scale)
“And Now A Word From Us Kids” T-Shirts(Limited Supply) $8-$10(sliding scale)
The Initiative The Album Drops EP Free or $1 for a hardcopy
The Tubesteaks Wolfmangina $1-$5(Sliding Scale)
We Stand Up! We Stand Up! EP Free or $1-$5(Sliding Scale)
The Wreckless Demo Free or $1 for a hardcopy
JPA Compilations
Sampler 2009 Download Only(Out of Print)
JPA & Friends Compilation Limited Press Only available at Folk The Park IV(Out Of Print)