Well I have quite a few big projects in mind, I'll put up some ideas I have for now and hopefully we will see them happening soon.

Want To Help JPA?

We can use all the help we can get. Artists, distros, photographers, musicians, sound engineers, anybody. Remember we are poor and this is primarily a home-run operation, pulled together by a small group of people who believe strongly in DIY ethics. If you'd like to be part of our community then contact me!


I'm going to be organizing more music festivals soon. So far here are 2 which I'm involved with that you should check out:
Disasterfest!(Organized by my friend Aaron of OHR)
Folk The Park

Just Plain Awful Open Mic

I would like to host an open mic somewhere, it would be for the benefit of the people playing, to help gain exposure and help make connections with other musicians who could help with shows. Basically a place for musicians to meet other musicians who can all help each other out while at the same time getting to play and getting some exposure. It is good for Just Plain Awful as well, I will meet new musicians to put on compilations and stuff. I am currently searching for a a good venue for this, if you have a basement or house that you can host this in once a month please contact me!

Pure Fun Tour

The Pure Fun Tour is a touring revue show organized by Andrue Coombes. It focuses on his Motivational Speaking and showcases other acts or artists. For more information please click here.

Compilation CDs

I plan to release some compilations featuring Just Plain Awful musicians as well as some other musicians I know who are looking to get some exposure. I am planning to give these compilations to local record shops, out at shows, and other places where they can get some exposure. I will have a lot of songs on them for a very little price if you want to purchase one. If you are a band or artist looking for exposure I will gladly put you on a compilation, I won't be able to promise monetary compensation since I plan on selling them for very little but I will promise exposure and copies of the comp.

Got An Idea?

Got a cool idea? I'd love to hear about it contact me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Get Involved!

Most importantly, get involved in your community! Start your own collective, artspace, or venue. Do what you love!