The Pure Fun Tour is a touring revue show organized by Andrue Coombes. It focuses on his Motivational Speaking and showcases other acts or artists.
The previous tour included:

Andrue Coombes: Motivational Speaking and uke sing-alongs
Dan Shedd: Sideshow Act/Magic Tricks and sing-alongs
Rachel Zelinka: Stories & Art

Bring Pure Fun to your town! Contact Andrue at promisemeyoullnevergiveup@gmail.com or myself at dan@justplainawfulrecords.com for booking info.

Upcoming Pure Fun Tour Dates:

with Andrue Coombes, Magic Dan, Kv Comrade, Alex and her puppets, and Justin.

January 4th - 119 Gallery - Lowell, MA w/Jasper Som/Eric Clapton/Phil K.
January 5th - B. E. House - Jamaica Plain, MA w/Found You/Eric Clapton/Lewis Reginald Morris
January 6th - Dork House - New Brunswick, NJ w/The Buffalo Analog
January 7th - VAJ MAHAL - New Brunswick, NJ w/DJ Big Nug
January 8th - Comrades HQ - Lancaster, PA w/Bread for Ducks/Almalgam
January 9th - Brownhouse VA - Lorton, VA w/Oklahoma Car Crash
January 10th - Day Off In DC
January 11th - Funky Towne - Huntington, WV w/William Shatner Blues Explosion
January 12th - Rachaels Cafe - Bloomington, IN
January 13th - Slaughter House - Kalamazoo, MI w/ Matt Wixson's Flying Circus
January 14th - The Youth Center - St. Mary's, PA w/Scrap Kids + Many More
January 15th - The ROTA Gallery - Plattsburgh, NY
January 16th - Day Off In VT
January 18th - The Taco Hut - New Haven, CT w/Jose Oyola